Benefits of Advertising with MUSE

MUSE is a well-known arts organization that is respected throughout the world. One of the oldest women's choirs of it's kind, MUSE has challenged itself over the past 32 years to reach out to a diverse range of social, political, cultural, and ethnic groups, touching on timely issues through a repertoire that is dedicated to musical excellence and social change. In other words, there's something for everyone at a MUSE Concert. Our audience is very loyal to our music and our advertisers.

MUSE has converted our paper newsletter of 3000 households to a digital format as a way we could "go green" and help the planet. This opens new, very creative advertising opportunities for companies to attract people to their websites. Speak to our Ad Rep, Kathy Nolan for more info.

Our banner ad pricing is based on pixel size and is placed in the newsletter area of the MUSE website. There is a discount for merging banner ads with print display ads in our concert programs. This creates an exciting ad package that is both print and digital for a fraction of the cost of either in most other places.

For advertisers who do not have a web page which readers may click through via their banner ad, we will scan your print ad and display it when your banner ad is clicked. A sort of instant web page can expand on information from your banner ad at no additional cost.

In addition to traffic from the web searches, MUSE generates traffic to our website through regular e-mail announcements and post card mailings.

If you would like to find out about how your company can underwrite our direct mail campaign or concerts please contact our Managing Director:Melissa Stephens @ 513.221.1118;

2015-2016 Season Ad Rates

Playbills: Print Advertisement

Ad Size Width Height Price Per Two (2) Remaining Concerts
1/8 Page 2.25" 1.75" $45 $81
1/4 Page 2.25" 3.75" $90 $162
1/2 Page 4.75" 3.75" $180 $324
Full Page 4.75" 7.5" $350 $630
Back Cover 5.5" 8.5" $375 $675

Web Banner Advertisements (Electronic Newsletter)

Ad Size Width Height Price Per Two Remaining Newsletters
Small Web 120px 60px $25 $45
Medium Web 120px 90px $50 $90
Large Web 120px 240px $75 $135

Large Banner
[ 120 x 240 ]

Medium Banner
[ 120 x 90 ]

Small Banner
[ 120 x 60 ]

Questions + Talk to Someone

To advertise with MUSE, please contact our Advertising Representative with your advertising requests; you may also fill out the online form below:.

Kathy Nolan
Ad Representative

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