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As a not-for-profit organization, MUSE relies heavily on individual contributions from our generous supporters and fans. These fans already became Friends of MUSE. Donating to MUSE helps us pay for musical commissions, development and operating expenses.

Help support the music, the meaning,
the (wo)manpower that goes behind all we do.

MUSE Giving Levels and Benefits

Venus: $1,500+
- Be listed on our playbill cover and materials as a production sponsor!
- Invites to Guest Artist salons
- Invites to MUSE after parties

Sappho: $1,000+
- Invites to Guest Artist salons
- Invites to MUSE after parties

Polyhymnia: $500+
- Invites to Guest Artist salons
- Free MUSE coffee mug & CD

Thalia: $250+
- Invites to Guest Artist Salons

You may also donate a gift of 25+ (Calliope), $50+ (Erato), or $100+ (Euterpe)
All donors receive a playbill listing and a website listing unless you choose to remain anonymous

One-Time Donation

MUSE Monthly Sustainer

Want to become a MUSE Monthly Sustainer? Break your donation up over a year:

Giving level:
In memory of:
In honor of:

Friends of MUSE 2012-2013 Season (as of June 28, 2013)

Paula Fletcher* & Megan Richards
Greater Cincinnati Foundation Pepper Family Fund

Kelly Gammon & Sue McDowell Monthly Sustainer
Deb Meem *x
Annette Phillips and The Phillips Family Foundation

Mary* & Frank Chaiken x
Kate Dennis *
Angie Denov * x & Jon Blickenstaff
Sarah Luken *
Diana Porter *x & Leonard Webb
Howard and Nina Tolley

Lisa Abel & Lynn Adams
Bonnie Donofrio~ and Jeanne Hallady~ In Honor of the Founding Mothers of MUSE
Jimmy Edwards
Jean Fishbeck and Judy Popovich ~
Full Spectrum Health Center - Dr. Dorothy Shaffer
Karla A. Goldman
Emily Hodges ~
Bruce and Charis Kabat~
Linnea Lose & Sue Cline
Paula M. Maionchi & Kathleen Kennedy, In Honor of Paula Flectcher
Janet Neidhard*
Mary Anne Pitman*
Catherine Roma* and Dorothy Smith* in Honor of our lesbian nieces, Ursula Roma and Bonnie Smith
Dorothy Smith*
Pat Van Voorhis In Honor of Janice Van Voorhis
Brenda Wolfersberger ~ & Brandt Smith

Bonnie Acker
Rosanne Ammirati & Kevin Krulewitch
Sue Augustus
Louise Gomer Bangel In Honor of Edna Gomer Russo
Bill and Janet Berger
Muriel Blaisdell & Cynthia Kelley In Honor of Catherine Roma
Mary Bucklin * In Honor of Catherine Roma's 30th Year
Dot Christenson
Brian DeSoto & Sarah Meisch *
Julia Dietrich and Barbara Powers
Mary Dryden ~Monthly Sustainer
Katie Egart In Memory of Bettie Egart
N. Evans-Jones & Frank R. Mandt
Ginger Gandy & Pamela Jacobson in Honor of Catherine Roma
Lenna Mae & Larry Gara
Greta Gibson * In Memory of Annie Greene
Jan Griesinger
Marge Hill & Joy E. Lohrer
Paula J. A. Hillard, M.D.
Bill Houston and Hazel Tulecke
Trish Huge *§
Tom Jackson and Sally Krisel
Kim Kimber In Memory of Therese Edell
John & Andrea Kornbluh
Jerome Kramer In Honor of Catherine Roma
Marie Elyse Krulewitch *§ In Honor of Catherine Roma
Duane Lewis §
Daveen Litwin~
Dennis and Robin Madden * In Memory of Bill and Nancy Shockley
Mary Morgan In Memory of Miriam Makeba
Bonnie Neumeier In Honor of Catherine Roma
Mort & Barb Nicholson
Jeanne Nightingale In Memory of P.L. Nightingale
Dr. Karin & Frank Pendle
Susan Pepper ~
Marilou Priestle §
Margaret P. Reed §
Fran & Craig Roberton In Honor of Kate Roberton and Cathy Roma for her vision to lead MUSE to wonderful heights!
Patsy Rogers In Honor of Catherine Roma
Regina Sapona §
Amanda Schear ~§
Jack Sherman in Honor of Catherine Roma
Molly Tami §
Mike Underhill & Vince Benabese
Natalie Waugh
Susan Wilke

Michael Acheson
Bonnie Acker
Debra Barber In Honor of Catherine Roma
Delbert and Louise Blickenstaff
Sam & Joyce Cauffield In Memory of Marilla Sweet
Mitchell & Morissa Cohen
Pam Conine In Honor of Catherine Roma
Jan Eischen
Amy Elfner ~
Ann Gordon
Rita Gray
Caroline Guthre
Barbara & Richard Hadden In Honor of Catherine Roma
Bennyce Hamilton *§
Jennifer Hester*
Miriam Hill §
Dale Hodges
Jill Huppert*
Barbara Garvey Jackson
Katie N. Johnson ~§
Lorraine Kawecki §
Joann H. Kerch §
Jim Lowenburg & Karen Mandel §
Mary Ann Meyer and Kathie Morbitzer
Terrence G. Milligan, M.D. §
Marguerite * & John Panyko §
Linda M. Parysek §
Barbara Phillips §
Mary Anne Poggenburg~
Barbara Powers
Daisy Quarm §
Janet Raczynski ~ In Honor of Ted & Shirley Raczynski
Dave and Kathy Rentz~
Ted & Rebecca Richards In Honor of Paula Fletcher
Andy Ries In Memory of Deborah T. Baird
Susan Rivers-Payne

Sue Rue-Hallquist §
Linda S. Schaffeld §
Jack Sherman In Honor of Cathy Roma
Leisan Smith *§
Laura Taylor
Rhonda Whitten *§
YWCA of Greater Cincinnati

Shirley Allen ~ In Honor of Catherine Roma
Dr. Maria Black In Memory of Kate Wood
Kathleen K. Bohlen §
Kristina Bowen* §
Chris ~ and John Burroughs
Elizabeth Caesar
Katie Campbell §
Nancy Colegrove
Dr. Gordon Cowperthwaite
Annie Donnellon*
Carol Dorman
Julie Fatora §
Elinor A. Elfner In Honor of Amy Elfner
Robert & Theresa Fisher
Hank Flacks
Lisa Galvez §
Susan Glas
Beth Glick-Rieman
Ann & Bill Hirt
Joan Lauritsen and Betty Stacey
Ling Long
Mary Mahoney
Michael Mcvey & Caroline Stevens ~
Laura Micciche & Gary Weissman
Susan Mueller
Carol Neu
Barbara Neumann §
Gail Piraino
Cheryl Pockrose §
Ethel Raim
Mary Russo
Melissa Sherman §
Josette & Jarry Stanley
Joann Verville Long §
John Yacher

MUSE Endowment

Sarah Meisch *
Charmaine Moore *

Therese Edell Commissioned Composer Fund
N. Evans-Jones & Frank R. Mandt

*Denotes MUSE Member
~ Denotes MUSE Alumna
§ Denotes gift given through Community Shares