Enduring Spirit Award

The Enduring Spirit Award is an annual award given to a person(s) who is nominated and honored by others through MUSE. The Enduring Spirit Award offers a meaningful way to honor individuals (present or posthumously), who exemplify the underlying mission of MUSE.

Many of our MUSE readers know and love someone in their lives who has become an “enduring spirit”. This person’s words and deeds have given to the community, and their tireless, selfless actions have emulated the work of MUSE. MUSE is dedicated to social change and wants to honor those people who have also dedicated their lives to that end. Perhaps there is someone among your friends, family, co-workers or acquaintances that is celebrating a birthday, retirement or someone you wish to honor - just because! Naming this person as an Enduring Spirit recipient might be the perfect way.

The individual can be chosen by a group of people or an individual wishing to confer this special honor upon someone. A donation of $1,000.00 or more is made to MUSE, and MUSE and her constituency recognize the honoree. Think about MUSE, and think about those people who have touched your life, others’ lives and whose legacy needs to be recognized and sustained. Sustaining MUSE and her courage, strength and dedication, in partnership with the naming of an “Enduring Spirit”, will influence generations to come. To find out more contact our office.

To nominate someone for an Enduring Spirit Award, download an application or use the online application below.

Past Enduring Spirit Award Recipients:

2003 Marilla Sweet, Janet Kalven
2004 Catherine Roma, Sister Alice Gerdeman
2005 Gloria Stewart
2006 Holly Near
2007 Angie Denov, Diana Porter
2008 Therese Edell, Ruth Rowan
2011 Dr. Patrick O. Coyle
2012 Sr. Louise Akers