Contractors & More

Music Director | Jillian Harrison-Jones

Business Manager | Angela Pontious

Assistant Music Director | Charmaine Moore Kitsinis

Grants Manager | Heidi Schiller

Accompanist | Eunhwa Lee

ASL Interpreter | Lisa Hover

Social Media | Emily Stant-Kelly

Music Librarian | Libby Ash

The Heart (Circle Co-Chairs)

Membership | Ashley Perry-Smith & Marti Mohar

Musical Excellence | Amy Randolph-Couture & Jessie Hicks

Operations | Maria Moore Kitsinis & Ellen Bungenstock 

Social Justice | Denise Taylor & Ellen Pierce

Board of Directors


President | Julie Brock

Vice President | Amy Luce Degeorge

Secretary | Kaitrin McCoy

Treasurer | Vicki Seligman


Clarity Amrein

Mary Chaiken

Michelle Hall

Emily Huisman

Em Joy

Clara Matonhodze-Strode

Adesina Perez

Amy Randolph-Couture

Estelle Riley

PJ Wolf

MUSE Cincinnati's Women's Choir

P.O. Box 23292
Cincinnati, OH 45223
T: 513.221.1118

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