My Vote, My Voice, My Right:

Suffrage Concert Series

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MUSE, Cincinnati’s Women’s Choir, in collaboration with ArtWorks, will be launching a series of virtual events to educate and inspire youth to participate in the political process, specifically the November 2020 election. Beginning August 10, ArtWorks Apprentices will create content and distribute a self-produced Voter Guide expressing reasons and resources for voting. This project, called Hear Me Out, will culminate just before the last day of voter registration on October 4. To accompany their efforts, MUSE has produced a virtual concert series, My Vote, My Voice, My Right, celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Each concert will feature music that highlights an issue around women’s voting rights, including claiming the right to vote, working to break down the walls that keep women from voting, the intersectionality of Black women’s rights, and the importance of staying engaged in the struggle. ArtWorks Apprentices will support MUSE’s videos by adding commentary, visual art, poetry, and more. This will lay the groundwork for MUSE and ArtWorks to continue to grow together and explore other social justice issues from multiple perspectives. Many thanks to GALA Choruses for having the foresight to fund this endeavor!

Between now and November 1st, MUSE will be releasing the following virtual projects:

  • The Revolution; youth and minority voter engagement

  • My Vote, My Voice, My Right encore; 1965 Civil Rights Act, barriers to engagement

  • Papa Patriarchy; women’s rights legislation

  • Something Inside So Strong; LGBTQ rights legislation

  • Culminating Concert featuring an MC, viewing of all the videos, and special guests 

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