Sunday, February 25, 2018 | 3:15PM @ Dater Montessori School Auditorium

MUSE Cincinnati’s Women’s Choir presents the WELCOME Concert for family & friends.

MUSE invites you to her final performance of WELCOME! where MUSE explores immigration through reconciling with the past, modern hospitality, and expansive patriotism. This is your chance to share the message of peace, social justice and WELCOME all cultures, ethnic groups, and individuals in the Greater Cincinnati Region. 

This concert is sponsored by Artswave and by the Live for Arts Foundation, a Cincinnati non-profit whose mission is to promote world language proficiency and cross cultural awareness through instructional and immersion activities for Cincinnati Public School students and educators in order to build a world community of respectful and responsible global citizens.

March 3 - 18, 2018 

MUSE is collaborating with AlivenArts for the first National Women’s History Month Festival. The festival will begin on March 3 and tcontinue until March 18 – 5 unique and distinct events celebrating the artistry of women and the legacy of pioneering women.
The National Women’s History Month Celebration is bringing together women artists from all genres and using unique places and spaces. The Festival is designed with both “inreach and outreach” opportunities for people to come together celebrating the all embracing power of women.