Whether you have been a friend of MUSE since our founding in 1984, or are one of the HUNDREDS of new supporters who joined because of our virtual performances, we are glad you are with us! 


Your donations will help us continue to provide:

MUSICAL EXCELLENCE with a message of integrity, joy, and passion

UNITY - We bring people together and build community through musical experiences that inspire, empower, educate, and motivate.

SOCIAL JUSTICE - We are artist-activists blending concert and conversation to ignite dialogue that continues after the last notes are sung.

EMPOWERMENT - We are a hearts-on and hands-in organization, driven by member leadership and a commitment to equity and accessibility for all.


We look forward to your contribution and hope you will enjoy the video below. 

MUSE Cincinnati's Women's Choir relies heavily on individual efforts from our generous supporters and fans. We truly couldn't keep bringing our musical message of social justice to Cincinnati without your support.

Donate To MUSE

As a not-for-profit organization, MUSE relies heavily on individual contributions from our generous supporters and fans. Donating to MUSE helps us pay for musical commissions, development and operating expenses. All donors receive a playbill listing unless you choose to remain anonymous. Use the form above to make a donation to MUSE today!


Sponsor a Season or a Concert

If you would like to help underwrite a specific concert or a specific concert, please contact us by using the form below or reach out to us at 513.221.1118. MUSE currently receives support from Artswave, Ohio Arts Council, Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati and Friends of MUSE.


Advertise with MUSE

MUSE is a well-known arts organization that is respected throughout the world. One of the oldest women's choirs of its kind, MUSE has tasked itself for more than 35 years to reach out to a diverse range of social, political, cultural, and ethnic groups, touching on timely issues through a repertoire that is dedicated to musical excellence and social change. Our audience is very loyal to both our organization and our advertisers.

Fifth Section

The MUSE Fifth Section is non‐singing MUSE members, open to all who uphold the MUSE mission, vision and values and wish to help MUSE achieve her goals by participating in the operations of the choir. Fifth Section members enjoy all benefits of MUSE membership, including social activities, retreats, travel and festival opportunities, community‐building and educational opportunities. Fifth Section members are expected to attend concerts, most run‐outs, and at least 50% of rehearsals. Fifth Section members receive all MUSE member communications and participate in all MUSE member surveys. They are included in all reported choir demographics. Dues are paid at half the rate of singing members.



MUSE gratefully accepts the support of non-singing volunteers who uphold the MUSE mission, vision and values and wish to help MUSE achieve her goals by participating in the operations of the choir. Volunteers do not pay dues. We are especially appreciative of volunteer help around concert activities but have needs across all organizational functions including, but not limited to, promotions, PR, grant-writing, development, and operations. 

Please reach out to muse@musechoir.org for more information